Trouble is a friend

I refer to my second post on 14th November regarding how to make your twitter famous with 4 easy steps.
Easy to understand, not so easy to execute.

Alright, so anyway Ms Kwa introduced quite a few amusing twitter accounts to us a few weeks back and its way amusing.
So, let me share some unique and unusual tips on

How to make a famous twitter account Part II

1. Set up an account on behalf of your pet or favorite animal
See @common_squirrel (10,374 followers).
All you need to do is tweet random actions you pet/animal can do.
If you get bored of your account you can always end of with really simple tweets like “Choke”, “Cough”, “Die.”, “R.I.P”

2. Assume a role and bitch about your colleagues and what happens in the office.
See @MichaelScott (40,875 followers)
We’ve always been told not to say any negative stuff about work online, it’s dangerous and
if you google, you can find many articles about people getting fired over something they say online.
But if there’s no real job, your colleagues and bosses are not real, you don’t really have a fabulous job and shitty mates,
Well, bitch about them, but bitch funnily, the world can revolve around you if you are not you on twitter.

3. Assume the role of a famous movie/comic character.
See @darthvader (120,581 followers)
Don’t you always fantasize and dream about being the lead character of a popular comic or film?
Now’s your chance to assume that character and actually have thousands of fans.
Always remember to have creativity in what you say. And please, research more on your role before you tweet,
you wouldn’t want to gain crazy anti-fans right?
And don’t ever go out on the streets in a costume and really think you can fly like Superman or something.

4. Tweet about all the stupid/funny things someone close to you says
See @shitmydadsays (850,247 followers)
This is my absolute favorite, why?
Because I would love to set up an account and tweet about all the insulting and lame things my mum says to me.
“Poor Ying Ying, can’t find a graduating dress cuz she’s too fat, have to wear curtains from our house already.”
Does @shitmymumsays sound creative enough?

5. If you’re not good at something, form a band.
See @funnyordie (1,212,549 followers)
It’s not like you are ganging up for something bad, you’re just obviously not talented enough.
You need to garner help from people, but hey, if you’re famous enough and people like what you do…
Who cares?

Just 5 ways for now first, think of more creative ways and let me know? I might put you on this list!

Alright, let’s just be serious if the list above wasn’t funny. Don’t worry, wikihow is here to teach you the proper way of getting more followers.
Click: How to get more followers on Twitter.


Welcome for a lesson on Social Media Terms.

You know how you are always doing something but it never occurs to you what you are doing it until someone points it out?
Well, I’m sure that Continuous Partial Attention is a term you will find close to the scenario I just described.

Ok, so what the hell is Continuous Partial Attention?

Here’s what wikipedia says:

The term Continuous Partial Attention (CPA) was coined by Linda Stone in 1998. Author Steven Berlin Johnson describes this as a kind of multitasking: “It usually involves skimming the surface of the incoming data, picking out the relevant details, and moving on to the next stream. You’re paying attention, but only partially. That lets you cast a wider net, but it also runs the risk of keeping you from really studying the fish.”Continuous partial attention is about scanning continuously for opportunities across a network, not solely about optimizing one’s time by multitasking.

Alright, sounds familiar? No? Let me give you an example:

You are typing your blog entry for the submission of nct and then your msn messenger conversation pops up – a close friend is talking you on msn. You stop blogging for a while and replies the conversation. Then while waiting for you friend to reply, you click onto one of your many tabs in firefox, which is

(A) Twitter or
(B) Facebook.

If your answer is (A), proceed to (C)
If your answer is (B), proceed to (D)

(C) You see an interesting tweet and re-tweets it.
(D) Your friend just sent you a Cafe world gift and you accept it, then going to Cafe World to check up on your Cafe earnings.

5 minutes later, you go back to wordpress and continue on your blogging.

Yes, you are guilty of Continuous Partial Attention.

Many ask, What’s the difference between CPA and multi-tasking?
Sinkai says that the greatest difference is that you multi-task to get many work done fast and efficiently, while CPA allows you to participate in many work but slows down your efficiency in the main job.

If that’s the case, isn’t CPA bad?
You may say so, so why do many of us participate in CPA then? Experts says that it’s because there is this need for us to stay connected with people. Think of it, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Msn messengers, aren’t they all tools of some sort that you use to connect with your friends and family? Which explains why there are some people who refuse to sign in to msn messenger or other social networking websites when they are studying as they are afraid of being distracted.

And just in case you are still confused the meaning of CPA…

To pay continuous partial attention is to pay partial attention — CONTINUOUSLY

PS: It would have took me half an hour to type this entry but due to my participation in CPA (Cafe World’s cooking!), it took me an hour. Ask me if CPA is worth the extra time to blog that is taken off my sleep…I wouldn’t have an answer.

Alright, so i left my first tutorial of nct feeling “wow”.

Wow about how powerful twitter can be.
Wow about how being a social media user, i failed to notice how powerful social media can be.

Right, so what is so powerful about twitter?

The ability to make people famous, to be able to earn alot of money from it.

Twitter is not just a status update website. It’s a tool that can be used to spread news immediately, a tool that can influence people.

Look at twitter star Guykawasaki’s account:

So many followers – how?


Step 1: Follow many people

First you start by following everyone you know, then, follow everyone you want to know.
After that follow anyone you don’t know. You will see people following you back on twitter simply just to be polite.

So how to get them to really want to follow you instead of politeness?

Step 2 : Twit as much substance as you can

Be useful, an information giver. Twit about news that are interesting, give them the links for more info. They will literally follow you whenever they are on twitter just to read the latest news that they are interested in. Its a busy society, nobody has the time to filter long headlines through the many many news reports. But there’s always enough time to pick up the interesting 140 characters twits of news that they are interested in.

Step 3: Don’t be an annoyance

Spamming is never good. We love up-to-date news, but who loves having their twitter homepage to be filled with your overwhelming twits every second that pushes all their friends and families’ twits away? Every relationship needs space to breathe, even twit-relationships. And if just have too many news to spread around, you can schedule your tweets in a timely order using softwares like twuffer.

Oh, but what if they love my information but hate my personality?

Step 4: Market yourself

What’s the point of getting so many followers if more than 50% are actually anti-fans who just love to criticize and insult you? Be nice, be good. Love your followers as your mini fans. Adore them, don’t ignore and neglect them. Give them some benefits and make them really like you. Your popularity would depends on how good you can market yourself. It helps you gain attention too.


Haven’t you heard? Social Media is the new Public Relations.

If you’re really capable of getting so much attention from people all over the world and get them to look up to you for credible news. You could be the face of PR. Corporations trying to ride on social media trends would seek you out, want you to try their product and put in a good word for them. Why? Cause your word would be more believable than ads and campaigns, your word would spread faster and further than every other tool used for PR and advertising.

It’s like mass marketing with technology and straight to the targets’ hearts. As for you whose words are good as gold,  say bye bye to your 8am to 6pm admin job and hello to your 140-character twits, anytime, anyday to your liking.

Amazing how much a mere 140 characters software can do.

Despite how I just typed a basic 4-steps tutorial on “how to be famous on twitter”, I’m still a average income student who can be easily forgotten on twitter – a similar scenario as most social media users. Why? Because we know the power, but we hadn’t fully grasp control over it.

So, my initial plan was to make use of this blog to talk about my gain-to-fame-with-twitter experiment aka Project T.
But was told by Flora that Aileen has a similar experiment, named Project M.
And since I haven’t been as active on twitter as I wanted to…

Result: Project T closed, wrapped, buried.

The new plan, is currently no plan yet. So, I’d like to just share my first impression on twitter first.

I first rejected the idea of joining twitter, because

Reason 1: I didn’t want to follow the crowd just for the sake of following the crowd.
Reason 2: I don’t understand how people can get addicted to a website where they post a short shout out for people to react to when you have your facebook status updates and msn messenger to do the job.
Reason 3: A friend of mine did a mini twitter experiment last year to figure out the craze over it. But at the end of following many people and getting many followers back, he was asked what he had gained out of the whole twitter experience and his reply after some long thought was “nothing.”

So you see, there was nothing that enticed me to join twitter (besides that celebrities I like, like Daniel Ong, Brian Joo, Tablo etc twits with their own account which did make twitter a little tempting…).

But that was until I was really bored and my friends that had twitter couldn’t stop twitting and Flora found out about our supposedly secret birthday celebration for her through the twitter conversations of two friends…

Ok! Im curious about twitter and I’m gonna join it. Anyway it’s not like I can stay away from twitter since Ms Kwa already mentioned that it is a requirement in our NCT (New Communication Technologies)  module to get many followers and all, so I might as well get to know twitter already, right?

Yap, so with my so many reasons, I logged onto

…and I found myself with an error page.

After asking my oktoLIVE! mates, I realized that despite that twitter’s logo is the little cute birdie that probably tweets, the name is spelled as

So anyway, I went to, got myself an account, learned that you add a ‘@’ in front of someone’s username to refer to them and for them to know they are mentioned, follow the people I know who are on twitter, follow the people who don’t know me (Like Daniel Ong, Brian Joo, Tablo etc) but who I know, and then I had nothing else to do.

You know how in movies, and the actress is like doing something happily and excitedly with all that happy, fast-paced music and then the music abruptly cuts off and you see her frowning?

Yeah, it felt like that.

So, what is this craze over twitter about anyway?

Am very very fed up with finding a wordpress theme.

Need to find the time to learn CSS stylesheets.

I can’t blog without a satisfied template

Whatever happened to the lovely html?

And my entries are way overdued.


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